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If you ask the typical business owner, professional or executive, how many financial service providers they have, they’re going to have to think about it. Between insurance, investing, tax planning, and company benefits, it’s hard to keep track. It’s understandable. Most successful people have an accumulation of financial products and services for their business and personal lives. Often times this leads to a lack of coordination and communication that will undoubtedly lead to hidden problems, higher costs and extra work.

As the nation’s number one independent registered investment advisor, Creative Planning long ago recognized that our clients have far too much complexity and costs in their personal and business finances, taxes and insurance. We are known for our status as investment advisors. We are less known for the fact that over the past 2 decades we have built a unified organization across the full spectrum of business and personal investing, insurance, tax and estate planning services.


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Creative Planning Property & Casualty maintains a client retention rate over 90%. We achieve this by being more than an insurance broker, our clients view us as a valued business partner who adds value by increasing profitability and reducing risk.

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